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Marketing Princples Violations and How To Avoid Them

Dare To Fail Series

Failure aren’t all that bad. There is often a silver lining within every failure cloud. For example, Christopher Columbus found America instead of India. Penicillin, rubber, Belgian endive, phothography, Xray, the telescope, and electric current were all discovered by error. It may be possible thet aging occurs because of an accumulation of errors in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). To prolog life, a few scientist began to experiment with ways of improving our body’s ability to repair errors in the DNA molecule.
As the old saying goes, to err is human. Errors will always be with us. Some people even became famous for falling, for making mistakes, like Douglas “wrong way” Corrigan who was flying from New York to Los Angeles in 1938 but landed in Ireland instead. Some products have become famous because the failed – like the Ford Edsel. (an Edsel in mint condition commands very high prices on the collectors market) The Learning Power of Pisa is a symbol of error, but it’s also a money – making tourist attraction in Italy. Since failure is all around us in our everyday lives, why not make the best of it and earn from it?
This book documents numerous marketing disasters of both to brands and lesser known product and service; consumer and industrial marketers, and profit – making and non – profit making organizations.
In early 1980, the giant US retailer, Sears ran a correction in the Dallas Morning News for items that were mis-spelled in prior and. There were 5 corrections. The last two sentences read, “We regret these errors. You can count on Sears.” To do what? Make erros or errors?
In this book you’ll learn about many important mistakes that have been committed. You can either learn from the bad experiences of others or pay through. Your own mistakes.The choice is yours.
Also Included : Disasters, Rumours – how do organizations handle them?

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